bi-Weekly Update on the Suffocation Clothes.

We’ve had a couple of comments added to the collection.

With the socially engaged project; “The Suffocation Clothing”, we have asked the question; what does climate change mean to you? Then sewn the responses onto the Tee (and soon to be scarf as well – though, we won’t need those if we keep going the way we are with this planet).

No matter your opinion; I want it there so that we can suffocate the plastic (plastic suffocates the wearer, therefore by adding our opinions, responses and ideas – we will be suffocating the plastic. In other words, this is a metaphor on that with the more action that we take on climate change; we can suffocate the problems out of the way.).

We accept all comments; just make sure that they are not offensive or derogatory. If you view climate change as something not happening; even if you say that- you still highlight climate change and add to the conversation!

This project will hopefully grow and change with every new comment!

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