NFT delving into them from a neutral standpoint

We’ve all heard of NFT – whether you’re for or against them! But most of the people who are against them haven’t experienced them and I wanted to find out. Find out what NFTs really are; how they work, etc. By doing this I’m questioning the ideas that people on both sides think and an attempt to find the truth.

For my first months in NFTs I decided that I would buy these three;

NFT 1. GOAT Tribe GTFO 2021 – 0696

NFT- GOAT Tribe GTFO 2021

This one stood out to me since I thought it was interesting for a blue goat! It also looks stoned which makes it quite amusing to me- not in a bad way! I love the style of the artwork as well- it’s simple yet it stood out to me!

Pst- it wasn’t the cheapest one on the list of lowest prices! Haha; I’m a student so I can’t afford the big stuff but it looked cool!

Predators Of Atlantis – 1002

NFT- Predators of Atlantis

I bought this one because he looks angry and that’s the emotion I feel but can’t express. So why not express it through this NFT! Lmfao- for real I love it.

Husky Hostlers – 01184

NFT - Husky Hostlers

Few words… it’s a husky. I love husky’s- instant sell!

NFT- Excerpt

Well, I have to say- it’s given me some enjoyment. I feel as if it’s a new digital way to collect art or collectables. Like when there’s a limited edition sale of a certain number of items and you’re one of the only ones who have it. There’s a nice feeling to that! But this post is made too early to show how I really feel about NFTs so we’ll have to wait for the future when I finally explore it enough!

I will be posting once more about this subject and how I feel about the future web3 and meta-modernism which is coming into the present. I want to explore decentraland so expect a post on that! See you all soon!

Psst. if you want to see another nice article- I wrote about the white cube :P! I wonder if I can bring my art history stuff into the metaverse. Hopefully curate an NFT gallery :D!

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