Josh’s Photography Pack, Vol.3 ‘Clouds’

Josh’s Photography Pack Volume 3 Clouds is a photographic pack mostly filled with clouds. These shots were mostly taken from the Runcorn and Widnes area in the United Kingdom.

Download the pack [version for 1.19 Minecraft]

Josh's Photography Pack

Josh’s Photography Pack, a PROJECT under the COPY ART movement, is a Minecraft Resource Pack. This project has been created under the pretext of;

The creation of a virtual magazine of photographic work in a virtual space which one can use to decorate their interior virtual space

Therefore, this pack modifies the paintings in Minecraft to add a connection to the real world. This project also aligns with my values as a photographer; a royalty-free license. The license is at the bottom of this post which you can copy wherever you use any of the images inside.

What is PROJECT?

PROJECT is a wider list of photographic experiences that are to be projected into the digital world. Paradoxically it is a group of projects within a project. The aim of the PROJECT is to increase creativity and inspiration for people using the PROJECT materials.

Other Volume’s of Josh’s Photography Pack

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Volume 4- Birds of the Rural (Press here!)

License & Download

Photography by Josh N. (
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (

Download the pack [version for 1.19 Minecraft]

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