Birds of the Rural – Josh’s Photography Pack, Vol 4.

This edition of Josh’s Photography Pack has been created as an opposite to the first ‘Birds of the City’. Birds of the Rural introduces birds in the countryside and more sub-urban areas instead of mostly city birds.

Birds of the Rural - Chicken
The chicken looks friendly! Doesn’t it?

Birds of the Rural

Josh’s Photography Pack, a PROJECT under the COPY ART movement, is a Minecraft Resource Pack. This project has been created under the pretext of;

The creation of a virtual magazine of photographic work in a virtual space which one can use to decorate their interior virtual space

Therefore, this pack modifies the paintings in Minecraft to add a connection to the real world. This project also aligns with my values as a photographer; a royalty-free license. The license is at the bottom of this post which you can copy wherever you use any of the images inside.

What is PROJECT?

PROJECT is a wider list of photographic experiences that are to be projected into the digital world. Paradoxically it is a group of projects within a project. The aim of the PROJECT is to increase creativity and inspiration for people using the PROJECT materials.

Why the Birds of the Rural?

Counteracting the first edition, we decided that we would create a rural variation of it. These birds were not in fact taken in the North West- but the North East. Yorkshire to be more precise. Though we do plan to add some of the North West since that’s the area that this pack series wants to prioritise most.

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License & Download

Photography by Josh N. (
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (

Download the resource pack here.

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