Stock Sautéed Mushrooms

Canned mushrooms- or fresh mushrooms for stock sautéed mushrooms! It doesn’t matter which you use- as long as it can be sautéed though fresh does taste better this way. Using this recipe- you should most likely make sure that the stock that you are using is really rich so that its flavour transfers to the mushrooms! If you use canned mushrooms- add the liquid to the stock then reduce the stock to infuse some of the more rich mushroom flavours back into the mushrooms when you sauté them.

This dish goes especially well as a snack with our white olive bread and other condiments! You could also add them into a sandwich with our bread for a unique snack! If you want to find more previews of recipes before you try them- check out our YouTube channel!

Stock Sautéed Mushrooms

Stock Sautéed Mushrooms

Josh N.
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine British
Servings 3 persons


  • 200 grams sliced mushrooms


  • 200 grams canned sliced mushrooms


  • 75 ml enriched stock


  • 15 grams butter


  • Add the sliced mushrooms to a skillet with the stock then continuously stir until the stock has disappeared.
  • Optionally add butter then fry the mushrooms to add extra flavour to them. The fat makes them smoother and more delicate.
  • Serve with bread and other condiments!


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