Stock Glace

Stock glace is a great way to store stock and also something to add flavour to sauces as well! When using the glace you can use it to give a punch to many dishes!

We tend to use leftover vegetable cuttings to make this stock but you can simply use any type of stock. Whether it be beef, lamb, meat-based or vegetable. Vegetable cutting stock adds a depth of flavour and saves money from waste! You also help save money too, by needing to buy less food to make stock!

This recipe starts from the stock making process so if you already have a stock liquid then you can skip to the middle or end part. There’s also a cheat way of making this is to simply use a stock cube dissolved in water and simmer it until it’s a thick liquid.

To know when you’ve made a glace is when it starts to get thick but just slightly less thick than paint. Then instantly you should stop the heat as it can start to burn at this point.

Stock Glace Recipe

Stock Glace

Josh N.
Prep Time 6 hrs
Total Time 6 hrs
Course Ingredient
Cuisine British


  • any vegetable cuttings
  • double water to vegetable cuttings


  • Wash the vegetable cuttings then toss them into the pot
  • Top the pot up to around 3-4 inches below the top of the pot with water to prevent it from overflowing.
  • After at least an hour to two hours of cooking- strain the stock; and dispose the vegetable cuttings (you can also decompose them into compost to reduce more waste!).
  • Take the stock water then reduce until its slightly less thick than paint.
  • Now you have glace!


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