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Free Online Cookbook - Quiche
With this cookbook- learn to cook delicious dishes for a cheap and frugal lifestyle!

This free online cookbook compiles all of the recommended recipes from this blog into one big post! Joshua Norwood’s speciality in creating cheap and fulfilling recipes for students creates a unique and frugal cookbook that anyone can cook!

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Categories of the Free Online Cookbook.

This section includes many different types of foods and drinks! Many of them contain canned ingredients so make sure you’ve brought your cans!

This cookbook contains (13) recipes.

Ingredients (6)

  • Juice Jams – Is storebought juice cheaper than juicing fruit and then jamming them? This section which creates really delicious jams can be of use when saving money! You can use this recipe with homemade jams instead, but the post is mostly a guide to jam-making with juice.
  • Stock Glace– Need something to add a little flavour to your stews? Make a glace with stock- leftover vegetable cuttings work to add a lot of depth to any dish and especially stock! This glace works especially well to incorporate into any dish with liquid.
  • Leftover Cutting Stock – This is a way to reduce food waste and a way to give life to frugal living! Reuse those onion skins and roots- as long as what you add to it isn’t poisonous (research before you add!) then it will taste delicious in almost any savoury dish!
  • Whipped Cream– This is probably obvious to make but somehow a lot of people don’t know how to make it so I’m including it. Simply just whip the cream.
  • Toasted FlourRaw flour is quite dangerous, simply toasting it in the oven can remove the problems it poses. Plus who doesn’t want to try out toasted flour- it tastes much better toasted and adds depth to any bake!
  • Ghee– This ingredient is used in many Indian dishes and if you’re looking to cook Indian the recipe comes in use. Especially since ghee is often times marked up in price!

Breads (7)

  • Raisin Bread– This one’s more on the savoury side of fruit bread. It’s absolutely delicious with butter and especially as a breakfast snack! It also serves great with curries and other spicy dishes!
  • Onion Bread– It’s got some garlic in it too! The garlic smell from the oven combined with the onion makes it delightful! Delicious with added paté on it and it’s so filling!
  • White Parsley and Black Pepper Bread. Sounds strange, no? It might sound strange but it’s absolutely delicious – the black pepper adds the right amount of heat to the bread!
  • Olive Bread– Yum. Olives, they’re delicious- they add a meaty texture to the bread while using the olive oil to make it even more olivey! Tastes much better with olive oil spread on top of the bread after toasting!
  • White Bread– It’s pretty much the standard white bread recipe. It’s quintessential in breakfast- especially with butter or jam. Great in a full English breakfast.
  • Flatbread– With coriander added; it makes it absolutely great. Paired with any Indian curry- it will work well!
  • Besan ki Roti – It’s another form of flatbread. This one is made of besan flour which is the flour of a chickpea. It’s delicious and serves a nutty flavour compared to other flatbreads.


  • Mysore Pak– Mysore Pak is a delicious confectionery from the Indian subcontinent! Utilizing very simple Indian ingredients – this simplicity makes a medley of flavours that will delight your taste buds!

Excerpt of the Free Online Cookbook

We hope you enjoy cooking the recipes within the free online cookbook! There are many more recipes to come and in the future, there will possibly be a physical version of this cookbook! Of course, that one won’t be free, but it will be full of much higher quality photos and easier instructions! So make sure to keep on top of this blog to find out of its future launch!

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