Moving Back To My Family- After Student Accommodation

Moving back felt terrible! I already feel homesick in my student accommodation. The independence, I had to make my own decisions. Also, the ability to cook what I want whenever I want. You know- 5 am peach pies were delicious!

Though moving back helps me get to a much healthier state being able to reconnect with my family. This leads me to think that we all need a balance. Independence yet also being able to connect with people. We all have this social battery and need to use it sometimes. Otherwise, it will make us feel quite lonely.

moving back- from Student Accommodation

If you’re busy meeting lots of new people in a new environment – you will miss it a lot. I would suggest going on hikes and visits to new places often. Going to having my own place for 8 months has inspired me a lot. It gave me new ideas- it’s like restarting. You’re learning to live independently, and sometimes it inspires you to try new things. I know that my experience is very different to other people’s but try it first before not doing it.

You might enjoy it, you might find someone, and you could make many new friends! I miss the friends part the most since it’s a bit more difficult to hang out being cities apart.

My parent’s neighbours are quite loud, and the accommodation was during university. Though you’re there when most people have moved back to their parent’s homes early, it’s quiet. It’s the quietness and solitude that can sometimes inspire you.

Money can be a problem since you’ve got to purchase your stuff and fix things when they break. When you’ve moved back, you don’t have to worry as much if you’re helping your parents out with rent. It won’t be as much as the accommodations. The student accommodation rent is a rip-off for a single room. That’s why I tried to use as much power as possible to ensure I got my money’s worth, crypto mining.

Moving back- the bottom line

Honestly, you learn a lot. It’s worth getting student accommodation- you mature a lot and learn to live on your own. You have to deal with people you don’t know so your social skills improve. Shared housing is always available if you don’t want to be with students.

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