Decycled – The seagull that feasts upon the dead pigeon

I took this photograph after one of my volunteer shifts at the Open Eye Gallery. I call this “Decycled”, it explores a seagull eating a dead pigeon. Presumably, the pigeon was killed by said seagull, and of natural instinct, the seagull should be eating fish. Because of human overfishing, we have overfished the fish populations that seagulls feast on and have created our own people.


So many people blame the seagulls for minor inconveniences, but it was human inaction to the problem of overfishing. This inadvertently caused them to move inland to find food, associating humans with food. If you want them to go away, stop polluting the oceans and overfishing. Let the fish repopulate the seas and fix our climate problems!

I made the word ‘decycled’ as a way to be the opposite of recycling. The natural life cycle recycles, but with human intervention, this is reversed- it is going somewhere that is not natural. They are now destroying not fish but other food sources. Of course, how unpleasant is it to see this in a human area? Blame it on the seagull, not yourself. That’s what humans are good for – blaming their problems on others.

Welcome to Nature; it doesn’t care about what you feel- it can decycle you if it wants to.

Decycled – How to fix it.

Stop blaming problems caused by other species which were inadvertently caused by climate change or human intervention. If humans don’t invite an invasive species, it won’t cause a problem. But they do, and when they do, it becomes a problem. To them.

So humans decide to kill the animals instead to “control” them. If we wouldn’t treat ourselves this way on a mass scale, what right does it give us to treat other species this way?

If you want to see more about seagulls, I have a seagull trail where I follow a seagull around Liverpool.

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