Surviving cost of living crisis

This post will be pretty much an advice post on surviving cost of living crisis and to save money. Well, at least this is how I survived/surviving it as a cheapskate.

Buying bulk can save a lot of money, getting a subscription at Costco and buying at warehouse prices helps! If you see text that shows price per kilo get the cheapest one if you plan on using it and if it stores for a long time. Especially rice, flour and other basic essential ingredients. Oils can be stored for a long time as well!

You should stop unnecessary subscriptions to services and search your bank statements to see if you have any transactions for services you forgot about. Cancel them and save money, there’s a lot of free alternatives out there.

Don’t go on Holiday, save instead! You can put your money aside in case things go sideways in these unknowing times.

Surviving cost of living: Cheap Types of Food

Oats- this one is usually at a cheap price and you can add them as a filler to any meat dish. If you’re making a meat stew, add some oats. It will add fibre and carbohydrates to make you feel fuller and give you more energy. Not to mention they’re cheap and healthy! I used these as a student to save money and they’re good as breakfast with some cinnamon!

Canned foods- Canned peas or chickpeas can add protein to your diet. Canned fish like sardines or pilchards do too! They’re cheaper than meat at the stores and don’t really taste bad! Chickpeas can be added to stews and curries, peas can be blended into quick soups. Sardines and pilchards can be spread onto homemade breads.

Lard- Lard is a cheap fat. It’s cheap because a lot of people still believe that it’s quite bad for health which it’s actually better than cooking oils! It makes your food taste more porky though, so it’s good with bacon or basting with meat. It’s cheaper to buy the fat pieces from the butcher and render yourself, despite the smell it’s also quite fun!

Spices- These might not be cheap but you can stretch them out. Don’t buy premade sauces and make your own- it will make more and you can store them with mason jars. Plus they’ll be tasting better and it’s your flavour profile so it can be as strong as you want it to be. Also, it’s cheaper than buying sauces!

Rice, grains and flours- Due to the Ukraine war flour has become a bit more expensive. You can alternatively make oat flour or rice flour though recipes will be slightly different. Rice and grains are generally cheap and easy to add to the diet. Go for brown rice as it contains more nutrition and fibre.


Hopefully this post helps you out during these trying times and you can save money efficiently! If you’re looking for cheap recipes make sure to browse our site as most of them are quite budget friendly!

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