Tabinoyado Japanese Onsen Hot Springs Bath Salts Review

Today we’re doing a Tabinoyado review! They’re simply Japanese Hot Spring onsen bath salts and as usual bath salts are one of my favorite things to review so let’s cut to the chase of each salt sachet inside of the pack!

Tabinoyado review - pink bath salt
its a nice colour but it gets lighter when dispersed. This one smells like lavender.

The pink one () has a rather lavender smell though it’s not too strong the smell does slightly irritate my body. It has a rather relaxing feel a bit like when you use Epsom salts which is quite nice. Though the slight irritation to the fragrance\perfume does put me off a bit.

The orange (yellow packaging) bath salt has the colour of iron Bru and it smells like chalk. I found this one to be the most relaxing and natural. It didn’t really have much of a scent compared to the green and pink salts. It also makes me feel more relaxed too! So that’s definitely a plus!

The green bath salt (with an oddly blue packaging) smelt quite more fragrant. It had a rather Japanese grape candy smell to it. I found it a lot less irritable than the pink bath salts though it did feel strange to bathe in puke green colours. This bath salt made me feel so relaxed and tired after using them and quite relieved my sore back as well!

The white bath salt was moderately okay. I didn’t really like the fragrance of this one, it’s hard to explain but I just didn’t like it. It did relax me like a normal bathsalt without irritation but it just felt like Epsom salt more or less. The smell does, however dissipate quite quickly to my relief.

Overview of the Tabinoyado bath salt review!

To sum up, these bath salts are quite nice – they smell great (not good if you’re not into fragrance or perfume or if it irritates your skin) and they are really relaxing! Most of the times using these I end up feeling tired and happy! They help to make me feel good and it does really feel like spa treatment. Though my only problem with the whole set is the pricing. This sadly just simply has to do with them being a Japanese export and that adds on tariffs etc.

as of writing this article I was using the Kose Clear skin face mask while reviewing this product.

If you’re looking for something more affordable you can use Epsom salts and add scents to them!

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