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So AI Art has become a rather trendy topic in the latter half of 2022 and spilling over into 2023. It has turned art into a process of a few words inserted into a neural network which then uses this prompt to create art. I am in awe at its prowess but find it funny at the copious number of errors it creates.

AI Art- On the replacement of human art

What I’ve seen artists most scared about is that it could replace human artists. On this point, I understand – but I know that there will always be a market for human art, especially if one can prove that a human created it.

I honestly can’t fathom how some people haven’t seen a new traditionalist revolution in the art world with this creation. If AI can only create digital art through neural networks- why not turn back to paint and canvas? I see a future renaissance of ‘non-replicable’ art- recorded videos of artists working in the person of old materials; oils, conté and pencil.

Digital art could be argued to have made art faster and cheaper for the artist, especially with all the technical tools provided. But are we seeing the demise of this once-revolutionary art tool? No- you could just record your drawing process- that’s what makes human art.

There’s a history to each work of art, with all its layers- AI art currently forgoes all of this and creates a finished work only. It doesn’t have its sketch layers, and it doesn’t have layers of detail that could be removed. Therefore, I argue that this could create much more beautiful work. Beautiful human work, in fact.

Is unfinished work more beautiful?

COLOR NUDE project not made with AI art
This is one of my colour nudes, made by myself through the thought process of feeling gazed at by the audience. You can see its page here of what I intended through the project.

As someone who revels in the beauty of not too much detail – the Color Nudes project. I believe that unfinished work. Or involving the processes of your finished work- is more beautiful. The unfinished work is unfinished because of a reason- AI art doesn’t have that reasoning. Perhaps, the work didn’t feel good enough to you? So you stopped working on it- but what if someone finds that piece aesthetic?

Aesthetic is in the eye of the beholder. For me- unfinished work is rather beautiful- it showcases the artist’s style. Their process, how they work and what they do to the work before it’s finalized. You can see their personality in their unfinished work shine much more than the finished work. Is the linework deliberately shaky or purposefully delicate? It shows how you are as a person.

AI art doesn’t have that until AI itself has sentience and emotion.

I am saying with this post that humans will predominantly reside in human art. It’s a connection that AI art cannot create or forge. Until then- I believe artists should feel less threatened by artwork with fifteen fingers on their hands. Or even different eye folds for each eye.

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