Portrait Nude (2022) and Stylized Nude (2023)

Portrait Nude (2022) is a nude of a male in a portrait position; the male is unidentifiable as it superimposes that it could be anyone. Portraits, therefore, don’t signify importance.

Portrait Nude

Through looking at the idea of a human and putting those shapes but blocking out the idea of appearance- these figures can be anything- the shapes do not define them. Nor should they define us in real life.

The figure in these works shows no personality, but the figure instead is to be filled in through the audience’s mind. It is meant to create relatability in an unidentifiable figure.

Portrait Nude (2022)

You can purchase this work on my JPG.store page as an NFT, or buy the original artwork here from Saatchi art.

Stylized Nude (2023)

The first ink-based Color Nude created is the Stylized Nude. It sits in a confident pose glaring at the viewer to the side. Not only is it satisfied by the gaze it receives, but it encourages it. It’s a break from the conventional collection rules; rather than being created with the colour pencil, it diverges and turns to ink.

It is the symbolic bleeding of the old into the new, as it was created on the first day of 2023. I wanted to make something of the collection and to refresh rather than the old coloured pencil drawings. It hopes to be bolder and more outgoing, instilling these feelings in its viewers.

Stylized Nude (2023)

These are different from the current art trend: creating AI art. This is doing something unexpected of myself to defy the automatons’ neural network. You can read my relatively neutral beliefs on this subject if you wish to; here.

Alternatively, we have our page here if you’re interested in the Color Nudes project. You can find out more about it and how it corresponds to my artistic practice.

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