Colour Nudes is a new Cardano NFT collection! Joshua Norwood returns to abstract expressionism by minting his very own collection! The idea is to challenge the idea of a “nude”.

What is a nude? Who is the nude? Therefore, what is the gaze? It is to turn the gaze back to the audience- the nude watches you. The audience is nude, and you are the subject.

The collection is also separated, with each nude having its own previous thought. These previous thoughts might be fireworks, landscapes, etc. But they are non-sexual and non-perverse. The nudes do not seek or think to please the viewer sexually; they are merely the new audience. It’s their gaze and their thoughts.

The colours chosen indicate the many layers of thought and personality. They are not just ‘nudes’ but hypothetical people. They are many personalities other than a “nude”.


The collection has its own pages on this blog to find the descriptions of each work!

Please press this link if you want to purchase any of the NFTs. It helps to support me, and well- it encourages me to do new work!

Also, please check out the guidelines for this collection here.

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