NFT Collection Guidelines

The NFTs published by Joshua Norwood, such as the ‘Color Nudes’ and ‘SET FREE THOSE EMOTIONS‘, are under this set of guidelines.

0- Guidelines in use and reposting of NFTs

Color Nudes Guidelines
A NFT from the Color Nudes – get it here on

0.1 – Purchasing or transferring these NFTs does not give you intellectual ownership of the artwork in reference. Instead, it gives you a “collectable” digital copy of the original artwork and not the copyright to the work.

0.2 – You can claim that the collectable is under your ownership until you sell the NFT or transfer it- though you cannot claim that you own the intellectual rights to that NFT.

0.3 – You may repost the NFT images, though the reposted images are not the collectable minted version on the blockchain. By copying the image- you simply create a copy of the collectable rather than it being the only minted version. You, however, cannot claim that the artwork is yours. Though the collectable is owned by the person who owns the NFT at the time.

0.4 – Please share the link of the collection that the NFT is from when reposting the art. This is not required. However, it is advised to help extend the collections lifecycle.

1. Resale and Commercial use of NFTs

1.1 – Commercial use of these NFTs is not allowed except for reselling the NFT on its original marketplace. You understand that JOSHUA OBARA NORWOOD is the sole owner of the intellectual property.