Is “self-curation” the future of galleries?

As the world and art move on into the digitized future so does art literacy. Yet many still do not understand the numerous academic jargons that present themselves in art curation and history. I propose the new idea of “self-curation”, a way in which the artist curates their own work. Understandably, this creates a new issue of unfortunately creating more work for the artist. However, I argue that the artist is the only one with true knowledge of their own art.

In which the artist no longer is the artist, but an ‘artist-curator’. This brings forth questions to which that with digitization; are artists simply curating their work on social platforms already. When the artist creates a description of the work- they are creating a curation. Yet many have not gone through the efforts of education that we art historians have gone through.

As an art historian– I see no issue with this future; it brings accessibility to the gallery. It makes it easier to understand; an artist is more likely to show their true self. Rather than their work being curated- or co-curated with some parts of the excerpt removed due to sensibilities. It unlocks the true passion of the artwork and cuts down the cost of running a gallery institution.

My works on are pre-curated by myself with what could be wall texts in an exhibition.

Therefore, it could be argued that the artist has a much larger say in an exhibition with this in mind. They would be guided around the gallery and learn skills that could benefit their careers much more. Though this does add to the problem of what will curators do without their jobs. They simply would just be confined to historical museums or paid for when the artist does not want to self-curate their work.

If the artist’s work is shown, then why can’t the artist have entire control over how it is presented? These questions will possibly pose a challenge to the future of curation and institutions.

Let’s hope “self-curation” will become a movement or change in the institutions.

Writings on AI Art

So AI Art has become a rather trendy topic in the latter half of 2022 and spilling over into 2023. It has turned art into a process of a few words inserted into a neural network which then uses this prompt to create art. I am in awe at its prowess but find it funny at the copious number of errors it creates.

AI Art- On the replacement of human art

What I’ve seen artists most scared about is that it could replace human artists. On this point, I understand – but I know that there will always be a market for human art, especially if one can prove that a human created it.

I honestly can’t fathom how some people haven’t seen a new traditionalist revolution in the art world with this creation. If AI can only create digital art through neural networks- why not turn back to paint and canvas? I see a future renaissance of ‘non-replicable’ art- recorded videos of artists working in the person of old materials; oils, conté and pencil.

Digital art could be argued to have made art faster and cheaper for the artist, especially with all the technical tools provided. But are we seeing the demise of this once-revolutionary art tool? No- you could just record your drawing process- that’s what makes human art.

There’s a history to each work of art, with all its layers- AI art currently forgoes all of this and creates a finished work only. It doesn’t have its sketch layers, and it doesn’t have layers of detail that could be removed. Therefore, I argue that this could create much more beautiful work. Beautiful human work, in fact.

Is unfinished work more beautiful?

COLOR NUDE project not made with AI art
This is one of my colour nudes, made by myself through the thought process of feeling gazed at by the audience. You can see its page here of what I intended through the project.

As someone who revels in the beauty of not too much detail – the Color Nudes project. I believe that unfinished work. Or involving the processes of your finished work- is more beautiful. The unfinished work is unfinished because of a reason- AI art doesn’t have that reasoning. Perhaps, the work didn’t feel good enough to you? So you stopped working on it- but what if someone finds that piece aesthetic?

Aesthetic is in the eye of the beholder. For me- unfinished work is rather beautiful- it showcases the artist’s style. Their process, how they work and what they do to the work before it’s finalized. You can see their personality in their unfinished work shine much more than the finished work. Is the linework deliberately shaky or purposefully delicate? It shows how you are as a person.

AI art doesn’t have that until AI itself has sentience and emotion.

I am saying with this post that humans will predominantly reside in human art. It’s a connection that AI art cannot create or forge. Until then- I believe artists should feel less threatened by artwork with fifteen fingers on their hands. Or even different eye folds for each eye.

Initiative to Strive

Initiative, it’s something a lot of people don’t really have. I write this as I find that students have it the least. There’s so many open calls and so many students just don’t have the will to apply to them. I believe that a lot of people need to get a kick up to start off their engine.

We all have it, we all have the power to do things we dream of. Inspiration is what you need and sometimes you don’t have it and that’s okay. Taking time to travel and to explore new areas give you that drive. For a student it can push you into new experiences. With new experiences I’ve found that you can get new confidence and that builds our initiative.

Initiative orange
Just like this orange we need to leave our old skin behind

To strive is different, you need something to move you to do it. Maybe your life isn’t going so well, then perhaps you should turn that from a bad thing to a good thing. Turn the concept of failure and negativity into something that strives. You can flip your life around if you can strike up there and get it by the neck. If you’re depressed it can be hard to get help, I know it I’ve been there. But if you do nothing then you’ll stay existentially depressed. Find what makes you happy and depressed and move away from depression. If someone or something made you depressed move away from it. Think of those things less and think of what you can do. The best idea is to get therapy.

Initiative – Growing it

We strive for rewards and usually we also try and get the lazy way out. Fight against the urge to be lazy, fight it with all you can. To succeed we can’t be lazy we can’t just laze down and expect the world to give us everything. It just doesn’t work like that. Try and keep busy but also sometimes take a break, make sure to keep your health mentally up and have work time as well.

Leisure time should be a reward for your work. I find that when I give myself leisure time for completing a task it gives me a boost during the work. I get to enjoy doing the work, I feel happy!

Here’s what I helped volunteer at during the time I could’ve lazed.

For art students use your initiative to keep going for open calls! There’s also other ideas you can go for like selling your stuff in a store. I found that just volunteering at institutions related to your dream can help you reach them. You have to do it with others, if you want to sell you need contacts. It’s hard to do things alone, yes it’s possible but it’s hard.

Think of just asking. Sometimes it’s all you need- yes we might feel anxious doing it but it’s just all it takes. The worst that can happen is a no. Nothing worse. Once you accept the no, you can move onto asking others and going onto plan B. We can’t get everything we want but we can try our hardest to do so!

Student Accommodation- First Year: How Is It?

Student accommodation is a really mixed bag experience so I will simply be listing my experience of the accommodation. In 2022, my first year as a student I stayed in Albert Court. Albert Court is the LJMU accommodation for the first years. To sum up; I believe that around 8 months is enough to explain a full detailed post on what it’s like. What it’s like at Albert Court.

Inside the Room on the first day

It’s cheap accommodation (in comparison to other options) so there’s not much great to expect. On the first arrival; I decided to unpack everything and then check if everything is clean. To my horror- the toilet was absolutely disgusting- whoever cleaned it can NOT clean it at all. Inside the rim of the toilet had faecal matter everywhere. It’s as if the person who was supposed to clean the toilet only cleaned the top of it. It really wouldn’t surprise me if this is how it looked the day that the last people left.

No matter how cheap your accommodation is- uncleaned toilets are just not a good look. Abhorrently disgusting, really. To get away from the toilet problem- there’s actually quite a lot of room in the accommodation. Especially after visiting one of my friends at the Grenville Street accommodation. The room is pretty much double the size of the average accommodation. There are enough room and storage spaces to put your stuff- there’s also a storage space if you remove the mattress. Most people didn’t realize that, but it’s best if you use that to put your important stuff.

The shower room- is incredulously small. Not much room for the shower and it feels as if it gets mouldy fast- so make sure to clean it often! Black mould is not good for your health!

Student Accommodation Maintenance

I mention that since on maintenance day in November-December the person looked through my stuff. I had left my laptop on and then realized when I came back to my room that the person had pressed on one of my chatrooms. Therefore, it really comes to me as if privacy isn’t an important thing here.

When it comes to self-maintenance the first thing you notice when you hoover is that the carpet is terrible. Dust, dirt etc. sticks to the carpet easily and its material feels rock hard. It takes a while for the vacuum to vacuum it up and it’s just really an annoying inconvenience. Whatever that stuff is- it’s definitely not carpet; not to me at least.

Before I end this section- we should explain the kitchen. The kitchen is big and spacious – a nice communal area for other flatmates. The only problem is that there were firebrats inside the kitchen when we moved in. It’s honestly disgusting. We didn’t mention it to the accommodation for fear of our deposits being taken away. Though in reality; it felt as if the insects were cleaner than three of my flatmates.

Flatmates! Good, or bad? Let’s see!

Well; it really depends on who you get. With students, the common relative occurrence would be that they’ll be gross and dirty. Most students don’t get taught by their parents to clean or cook. Some just have mental health issues, despite that, I find it gross that they can’t clean after themselves. Throughout the year there’s been nobody taking the bin out apart from me and one other guy. The others didn’t simply clean up, they expected it to “disappear”.

Student Accommodation Trash
This is not my neighbouring flatmate but another flatmate. He simply didn’t want to change the bin and take it out after I decided to leave it for a while tied up. I left it for a few days and the trash kept accumulating until he finally changed the bin. But it really shows how disgusting some people can get. It tends to be people who rely on their parents too much. Sadly, society has gone this way where people don’t get told by their parents to clean up.

My advice- just suck it up. It’s student accommodation; you should just expect it’s going to happen. I’m just posting the images of the last month in tenancy since there’s really no excuse for grossness after the exam period is over. The subject of this photograph is my neighbouring flatmate who screams, shouts and leaves a trail of trash with them… and also set off the smoke alarm while having a lit candle in her room. No window open, simple. Not to mention that it’s against the tenancy rules as well.

Of course, this is very much directed when the others have done things. But you really should just expect grossness if you move in. Advising the person reading this- if you move into accommodation; be clean. Just literally be clean and don’t be an insect.

Student Accommodation sink
This is what your flatmates will do to the sink if they’re dirty. My neighbouring flatmate simply only fries food and DUMPS the oil into the sink. Then doesn’t drain the water or oil afterwards and leaves it for the next person. It’s really gross.

Final Thoughts on Student Accommodation

I really can’t say it was the best experience of my life but it’s taught me to tolerate others. Being in accommodation away from your parents can help mature you. Even if you don’t accept what others do; you can tolerate it at least. What makes each accommodation different is really the amenities provided and quality of life. It’s fairly good- especially if you get better flatmates than me haha! Hopefully, anyone reading this who moves in gets people who can clean- but always make sure to be clean! It helps improve your mental health and studies as well!

If you’re looking to learn how to cook while studying; which saves money and is a fun way to spend time- check out our cooking page! It’s made to help students save money and well- learn a very important life skill! Ready-made food is just simply nasty for your health in the long run.

Purpose of my YouTube Shorts

This is a blog post in response to a comment I got which reads; “This has got to be the least instructional video I’ve seen all day, at least tell us what you’re doing.”. To which I answer- my YouTube shorts do not have “recipe” or “how-to” in their titles, they simply preview processes for my website’s recipes. There are recipe links in the description of them and of course- the average YouTube viewer who makes a comment does not look for themselves to form an opinion. But instead instantaneously believes they are right without any form or basis of research.

What did I do? I simply just blocked them from my channel as I don’t want that form of stupidity on my account on that platform. I know some of you reading this will be annoyed that I did that and I know that YouTube as a platform does not have an intellectual demographic. But I don’t want someone to inform or criticise my content when they haven’t read into it a little more. It’s as if you were to make research something and say it’s true when you haven’t cited your sources or even looked at sources.

Purpose of my YouTube Shorts
At least check the description before you comment otherwise you look uninformed and well… stupid. In fact! The link in the description brings you to my ghee recipe post! Who knew!
Not only that, but it’s also quite difficult to fit a whole recipe into a short 30-second video without detracting from the video content.

Purpose of my YouTube Shorts

Again, it begs the question; “What is the purpose of my shorts?”. Answering this, these shorts are a way to visualise content on my website while promoting it to outside viewers. Preferably the viewers which my content targets demographically are viewers who read content- not watch. Which of course; using YouTube would be counter-initiative, right? No- it’s simply a way to promote. Therefore at least out of one thousand viewers, I will have had one viewer come to my website and possibly be transformed into a regular viewer depending on whether they liked the site or not.

For me, unlike the bottomless content pit of useless content on YouTube, quality viewers matter- not quantity. Purposefully, the shorts will hopefully deliver at least some conversions to viewers on my website.

Well, I hope I briefly and directly explained the purpose of my YouTube shorts. Just for anyone out there- before you comment on something; do some research on it- even if it’s a little bit so you don’t look absolutely stupid and look like you pull words out of your ass.

Before you say I can’t take criticism- I can. I just can’t take it when it’s from someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying.

Climate Lab- The Last Day of the LAB!

This post explores the last day of the LOOK Climate Lab at the Open Eye Gallery!

The LOOK Climate Lab was an exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery that lasted from the 13th January to the 20th March. It was organised into 4 separate concepts, linked on their site. You can view my walk-around video of the gallery below.

A quiet tour of the Look Climate Lab.

I valued the exhibition while I volunteered at the gallery; makes you realize how our lifestyles harm those living in worse conditions. How can we complain about the effects of climate change if it does not starve us? We created it- and yet we don’t see the adverse effects as bad as those who never contributed. Small lifestyle changes can be used to help reverse the effects of climate change.

LOOK Climate Lab: Gallery 3
My favourite part of the exhibition. Copyright of the film previews is subject to their creators. If one wishes to take it down please email me.

My opinion on the “Energy” phase of the exhibition.

This section of the exhibition was rather eye-opening to see how much energy we waste. How simple would it be if we could all afford aerogel? Insulate our homes and lose less heat energy while using less energy. Countering this with the fact that- if our homes are insulated; in the summer how would we react with air conditioning. Air conditioning contributes to climate change as well.

More insulation may mean more air conditioning- as with the Earth getting hotter; I think that it might be a cycle. Though I do not have any qualifications or knowledge in science- so this is just an uninformed opinion and take it with a pinch of salt!

Funnily enough, the aerogel’s texture is powdery! You’d never really expect that with a gel.

LOOK Climate Lab – Food

I will admit; I did not pay much interest to the two in-between phases. Therefore, I can not comment on them. Though I believe that it had shared insight on how we can remit some effects of climate change if we start to grow our own produce.

The small exhibition at the end by Hellen Songa was very eye-opening and shows how much easier it is to start growing. It also shows the community feel to it, you can view her exhibition on Open Eye Stories as well.

The third gallery.

Going to the third gallery we saw a LOT of films playing- I didn’t really watch them, however. Problematically, in my opinion, there is no place to sit while watching the films so I didn’t want to spend hours watching a video standing up. It’s just not convenient or comfortable. A gallery I believe is supposed to be a comfortable space and not alienating of anyone. It can possibly be seen as an accessibility problem.

As much as I love the Open Eye and enjoy volunteering at it– there are inevitably going to be some problems I encounter.

Other than that, there were plants inside of the third gallery. For instance- I took one of the spiderweb plants home since they gave some of them away at the end. It’s actually quite nice to see plants inside of a gallery space- it makes it more down to earth!