COPY ART: How to join the movement?

There is no such thing as joining in this decentralised art movement- you are already a COPY ARTist when you start responding creatively to an idea. Though you may want to connect with the movement, all you need to do is say that you’re a COPY ARTist and link back to the manifesto on this website to show people who we are and what this movement is about!


What is COPY ART?

COPY ART movement is a movement that seeks to change the world of how we critique work. Instead of using traditional academic critique, we use a new form called COPY ART.

Why is it called COPY ART?

COPY ART is copying from the universe, as in-the universe has created all of our emotions and ideas. When you copy from the universe, you do not make; instead, respond. What you create is not from the body but from the soul, and therefore your COPY ART is beautiful. It is the raw emotion you emit when you respond to another’s work- or statements. In COPY ART, there is no limit to what you respond with.

Is this movement free culture?

It is only free culture if the artist wishes their work to be, though we encourage it. It is not necessary.

In depth, what does the movement do?

We are a socially engaged and collective movement. We respond in groups and exchange responses- instead of the artist receiving written criticism which is excellent, they can develop more from emotional criticism. There is a higher chance that the responsive dynamic response art will touch the artist more than criticism and open them up to engaging with the criticism instead of getting bad emotional reactions.

We COPY ARTists seek a boundary between pain and rejection- why reject an artwork. All art is equally touching. Instead, we will seek to give it a new life cycle; by allowing the individual and collectives to emotionally critique work.

You don’t have to be an art critic to join- all you need is the emotions and an art form. When we collect all of the reactions from an original work- we will send them to the artist so that they can, hopefully, do the same and respond.

It joys an artist more if they receive the word that their art has inspired someone much more than critique. It encourages them, and they will see more of what they can improve themselves from this.

That is our hope.

View the manifesto here.