SET FREE THOSE EMOTIONS (2022-present) is a genre-crazy collection of artwork subjected to removing themes while exploring human emotional tendencies to artistic style. The works are loosely connected with the idea of emotions other than this – the collection will create mood swings. The styles and genres often change to create their own space without connection. This is to record the ambivalency of human emotion, as most works have a synergy between good and bad emotions.

TREE (2022), Set free those emotions collection
TREE (2022), available on here.

SET FREE – Individual Art Information

Scrap (2022), set free collection
SCRAP (2022)

SCRAP (2022) is a work that prioritises the scraping away of clean strokes and fills—the oil pigment sticks were applied directly and worked on while wet. A clay modelling knife was used to create texture and spread the pigment. After waiting a few days, I reapplied the pigment sticks and created new layers to the painting. Then scratched parts with a tweezer to scrape the work.

Scraping away history is like scraping away the bad parts I experienced throughout my life. It’s as if I’m throwing paper into a fire, yet the chaotic action calms me. It brings a calm yet chaotic emotion across the artwork. This work hopes to bring these feelings of loss by transporting the loss onto the panel. Thereby removing it entirely from the self.

SET FREE THOSE EMOTIONS Exhibition Information

Parts of this collection appeared in the Open Eye Gallery’s “From Here” exhibition from the 1st to the 22nd December. This marks the artist Joshua Obara Norwood’s first exhibition and this collection’s first exhibition.

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