Geometric (2023), Inverted (2023)

To pair with “Inverted (2023)” this nude was created by using circles and curves and then mapping the rest of the drawing with colour. Therefore, this results in its geometric triangular curved design.

Geometric (2023)

Geometric (2023)
This work is also available to purchase as a CNFT on my collection page here.

The work was created in the idea inspired by my previous work; ‘Gazing Nude’ (2023) was created by creating lines for the curves. In effect; I took this technique to create circular areas and then created more shapes through this technique. I then filled them in strategically with colours to create the somewhat ‘stained glass’ style that I usually work with in my colour pencil works. It hopes to make the viewer think of ‘nudes’ as not something that is an idea to objectify but rather the elements of what makes humans, human. Therefore, it has been cut down into colours; keeping the face itself while not having any unique features. The chest and the body have dissolved into the colours, therefore, removing the sexualisation of the individual.

Inverted (2023)

Inverted (2023)
Rather than them being placed in certain definitive places; I placed the curves and lines randomly. Often creating new shapes and strange regions in the drawing.

This colour nude is inverted in a way in which lines were placed and manipulated to create the guide of the nude. Inside the gaps created by these lines were filled in with colour. It showcases a slight figure in the centre.

Inverted was created with the same process as the previous nude, though with a slight variation in which circles and curves were placed at random. Rather than being deliberately placed; giving reason to create a new form in its process. This helps to create a new fresh look in the project rather than just being the same work in different variations.

Joshua Norwood’s Work @ From Here Exhibition

In December 2022, Joshua Obara Norwood’s work appeared in the group exhibition ‘From Here’ at the Open Eye Gallery. This exhibition was held from the first of December to the 22nd in the Digital Window Gallery.

The official viewing from the gallery is on their YouTube page.

Out of the works I selected to be shown are of the SET FREE THOSE EMOTIONS! collection, which you can currently purchase as a digital collectable here. There was not much space on the screen, so there wasn’t a great description.

Therefore, on this page, we will highlight the meaning of this collection and the exhibition.


The idea of the collection is to be a genre-crazy collection of artwork subjected to removing themes while exploring human emotional tendencies to artistic style. Since there is no set theme, the collections’ artworks can swiftly change in style and subject. The idea is to eliminate the idea of a theme dominating the space and rather have emotion take charge. This is strikingly different to the previous collection that I have worked on, the Color Nudes.

The exhibition itself, however, was a collection of volunteers’ works. It also did not have a set theme that harmonized with my collection.

artwork that appeared on from here
The collection is seen on the CNFT store website,

Though, at the exhibition, the idea of an NFT was left out due to the public relation on that topic being divided. Instead, it was shown as a simple collection of abstract expressionist works. The works were primarily created with oil sticks rather than being painted with a brush. The oil stick gives a much more personal touch and strikes to the paintings.