Purpose of my YouTube Shorts

This is a blog post in response to a comment I got which reads; “This has got to be the least instructional video I’ve seen all day, at least tell us what you’re doing.”. To which I answer- my YouTube shorts do not have “recipe” or “how-to” in their titles, they simply preview processes for my website’s recipes. There are recipe links in the description of them and of course- the average YouTube viewer who makes a comment does not look for themselves to form an opinion. But instead instantaneously believes they are right without any form or basis of research.

What did I do? I simply just blocked them from my channel as I don’t want that form of stupidity on my account on that platform. I know some of you reading this will be annoyed that I did that and I know that YouTube as a platform does not have an intellectual demographic. But I don’t want someone to inform or criticise my content when they haven’t read into it a little more. It’s as if you were to make research something and say it’s true when you haven’t cited your sources or even looked at sources.

Purpose of my YouTube Shorts
At least check the description before you comment otherwise you look uninformed and well… stupid. In fact! The link in the description brings you to my ghee recipe post! Who knew!
Not only that, but it’s also quite difficult to fit a whole recipe into a short 30-second video without detracting from the video content.

Purpose of my YouTube Shorts

Again, it begs the question; “What is the purpose of my shorts?”. Answering this, these shorts are a way to visualise content on my website while promoting it to outside viewers. Preferably the viewers which my content targets demographically are viewers who read content- not watch. Which of course; using YouTube would be counter-initiative, right? No- it’s simply a way to promote. Therefore at least out of one thousand viewers, I will have had one viewer come to my website and possibly be transformed into a regular viewer depending on whether they liked the site or not.

For me, unlike the bottomless content pit of useless content on YouTube, quality viewers matter- not quantity. Purposefully, the shorts will hopefully deliver at least some conversions to viewers on my website.

Well, I hope I briefly and directly explained the purpose of my YouTube shorts. Just for anyone out there- before you comment on something; do some research on it- even if it’s a little bit so you don’t look absolutely stupid and look like you pull words out of your ass.

Before you say I can’t take criticism- I can. I just can’t take it when it’s from someone who doesn’t know what they’re saying.