Ethereum Classic- My Predictions

Yesterday, the Ethereum Classic price rose by 33%, possibly most likely due to a 10 million dollar investment. Along with news of the Ethereum moving to POS, I believe miners will move to ETC. More miners moving means that a community will grow. We may see more DAPPs and other things, I’ve got my fingers crossed that ETC NFTs will get popular within 5 years.

Disclaimer: You should not take anything in this blog post as investment advice. When investing in crypto, you are taking a high-risk investment and may lose everything. The same goes for the crypto ads on this page.

Ethereum Classic Coinbase
Source: Coinbase

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction

I predict the price to shortly fall after the rise and then grow slowly. Though if miners move to the coin after the merge is complete, we can see massive growth. My conservative prediction would be that it hits $50 at the end of the year. Alternatively, it could hit higher than a hundred dollars though if it goes wrong, we could see less than $30.

Saying this, you can’t really predict the price of many cryptos as the market is volatile, and the price is based on a whole range of factors.

I do believe, however, that this is the best time to mine ETC before it gets harder to mine. It would also be best to make your NFT collections now too. Gas fees are currently cheaper than Ethereum due to the lower price. With a crappy GPU, I managed to mine 0.3 ETC in 3 weeks during my stay at my dorm (free unlimited electricity!). It’s not that difficult eight now- so take those chances!

Ending this article, I believe we’ve left the bear market, and crypto will end off on a bright note this year. Despite new regulations and taxes from world governments. Oh, and check out my other crypto investments!