TREE (2022)

Tree (2022) is an artwork by Joshua Obara Norwood – an abstract expressionist style with oil pigment sticks over a wooden canvas. The work is full of distorting previous layers, scratching into the surface, and then painting over it again with the pigment. These methods create a history with the idea of creating a mysterious shady tree in the painting.

TREE (2022)

Abstract Expressionist Oil Stick on Panel (Pigment on Wooden Panel)

It is supposed to be hung with the other painting, “JUNCTION I“, which showcases a chaotic metro look. This painting is calm yet slightly chaotic, which adds to the illusion of stability that both give. Perhaps- we’re not stable, and we all have a bit of chaos and calm within us. These are human emotions transcribed into a painting and manipulated so that anything or everything can suddenly be wiped away. A wipe with clay modelling tools creates a swipe. Unconventional tools are used as life is not convenient.

These paintings that Joshua does are painted over several days. Every new layer adds a new form of history as multi-faceted, like a person. You can find his art on sale over here.

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JUNCTION I is an artwork by Joshua Obara Norwood– it is an abstract work created with oil sticks (pigment sticks), encaustic wax and soy wax on a canvas.


Oil stick, encaustic and wax on canvas. 50cmx60cm

This painting symbolises our symbiosis between a fast-paced life and a hectic internal battle over anxiety.

The process behind it started when I was drunk. Using oil sticks, painting a scene, and then smudging everything together with a white stick. Then while still wet, I scraped the canvas with a tweezer. An unusual tool to use.

These marks were done while drunk; everything is spontaneous and acted out on the internal thoughts you have that come out when drunk.

Two days pass, and it’s dried. I mix soy wax with non-toxic dyes. Then heat it up, throw it at the canvas, and manipulate it.

The manipulation was fast to explore the idea and theme of a fast-paced modern life using junctions and trains. It relates entirely to our feelings when we’re anxious and drunk. Everything races around and feels terrible.

All unused wax that was melted; was repurposed into a jar which I would use as a candle to reduce waste.

His blog shows many other different artworks with similar themes! Be sure to check the rest of his work out!