I Tried The Banana Peel Rubbing For a Week

Banana peels supposedly have a lot of minerals and vitamins inside of them and there’s been a trend a few years back to rub it over your face. I wanted to take the test with the first skincare post on this blog to explore if it works (for me) or not. Of course, others will have different results but we’ll see! Let’s find out if the banana peel rubbing is the key to clear skin!

Applying the banana peel face rubbing

To apply this; we simply need to cleanse our face (obviously duh!) then dry it then rub the banana peel over it. Make sure to be gentle- otherwise, it might do more harm than good. I rubbed it into my skin for around 5 minutes then take it off afterwards and leave it to rest for around 10 minutes after. I would advise people to use organic bananas as I’m not sure what they put on the bananas if they’re not organic.

Day One

Banana Peel Rubbing Day 1
Day one.. my face has two small pimples! Hope they go away.

For the first day it went quite interestingly; I never really thought that banana peel would have a tightening sensation when applied or rubbed onto your skin. It was first- fresh. Then tightened. It had the sensation of one of those charcoal face masks that pull at your skin. On the first day; I don’t really have many results to make but I will be applying this day and night. This challenge has started at night so day one will only have one application.

I started this day with two pimples on the bottom part of my face so I’m really excited to see the results at the end! I hope they disappear!

Day Two

day 2

Here’s a different angle of my face, for day two I didn’t really seem to notice any difference. The pimple on the bottom of my face got a bit more swelled- but that’s about it. My face looks slightly less red which is good! At this point of the peel week challenge, it looks like it’s working!

Day Three

On day three, the results aren’t really that great. My acne started to break out more than it usually does – especially on the cheeks and chin where I usually rub the banana peel the most. At this point, I am simply losing confidence in the power of the banana peel.

It in turn shows how the two pimples I had at the start of the challenge have gone. In return, I have gained four new ones. Yipee!

Day Four

Day four saw some improvements. My acne stopped breaking out as much and started to improve a lot faster. Though it was still disappointing to see that the banana peel gave me an outbreak at the start.

I guess it really depends on who does it. Sometimes we might get an initial outbreak when we start a new skincare thing?

Day Five

Honestly, nothing different really. My acne started to improve a bit after this day, so I skipped taking a photograph on day six since it was mostly similar to day five.

Though my newfound acne scars are not really nice new features, haha!

Day Six (or Seven!) – last day of the banana peel face rubbing!!

banana face rubbing end result
I also shaved my hair for this picture so that future skin-care routines and blog posts are more visible with their outcomes!

Well, my face feels a LOT better than before though I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re still getting an outbreak problem after the seventh day. I’m not really that much of a fan of the uncomfortable feeling of banana peel though.

I much prefer a stick-on face mask to this. Though if you’re looking for a cheap step in your regimen you can add this!

Final Thoughts on the Banana Peel Face Rubbing Technique

Well, that’s really it for this. It’s not really much to add to your skincare routine though I would add that it doesn’t do much- it’s certainly not hard to try out. It might work better for you! But for me- it’s meh.

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