From my previous work on creating a nude and a flower drawing, I decided that it inspired me enough to make a coloured pencil drawing. Expanding upon the genderless nude idea, I again distorted the figure sufficiently so that it doesn’t represent a human- only slightly.


The work intends to tell people that we’re human, no matter our differences. Removing the figure and replacing it with a space of colour; allows anyone to fill the gaps. It requires the viewer to accept this fact and move on. The colours are of beauty no matter how we look. Purchase it here.

NUDE IN COLOR (2022) by Joshua Obara Norwood


The dream flowers are not based on real flowers but rather ones created from an aesthetic idea. It’s rather personal, but these flowers blossom to remove anxiety for me; they bloom and show their colours when they don’t feel pressured or stressed.

These flowers are, to me, myself projecting my ideas onto the paper of what I want to be, just like these flowers. To bloom and not feel stressed, anxious or pressured. Their essence is to calm.

DREAM FLOWERS (2022) by Joshua Obara Norwood

POPPY (2022)

POPPY (2022) was created after finishing the JUNIPER (2022) painting; it inspired me to create not a painting of leaves and sticks but instead of a flower. After blocking the canvas with a blue pigment stick, I waited until it dried to add sticks for the background bush and some floating leaves. These serve as the background in this work’s slightly fauvist-inspired art theme.

POPPY (2022) by Joshua Obara Norwood

Though initially, I would have turned the grass into a more opaque and fuller stroke, I started to like the rather faint strokes produced when painting on a dry canvas. The painting is a complementary piece to JUNIPER (2022) as a series of two paintings.

I felt that there was no message but therapy. This painting helped soothe my nerves when suffering from an anxiety or panic attack. It’s okay if the work has no meaning if it helps to calm you down. Maybe it’s there to feel aesthetic and connected to the world in creating new life through the painting.

We, humans, are creative, and this painting embraces that. It allows my spirits to flow free onto the canvas creating a replica of my imagination. This replica pulls out toxins from my head, metaphorically, and creates a new sense of belonging.

Josh’s Photography Pack, Vol.2 ‘Wildflowers’

Download the resource pack here [1.19.x]

Josh’s Photography Pack daffodil

Josh’s Photography Pack, a PROJECT under the COPY ART movement, is a Minecraft Resource Pack. This project has been created under the pretext of;

The creation of a virtual magazine of photographic work in a virtual space which one can use to decorate their interior virtual space

Therefore, this pack modifies the paintings in Minecraft to add a connection to the real world. This project also aligns with my values as a photographer; a royalty-free license. The license is at the bottom of this post which you can copy wherever you use any of the images inside.

The subject of this volume, the first volume, is “Wildflowers”. The city and area in reference are Liverpool and the surrounding area which is in the North West of the United Kingdom. This pack is to be created in-sync with Volume 1 as a way to introduce the COPY ART movement into Minecraft.

What is PROJECT?

PROJECT is a wider list of photographic experiences that are to be projected into the digital world. Paradoxically it is a group of projects within a project. The aim of the PROJECT is to increase creativity and inspiration for people using the PROJECT materials.

Other Volumes of Josh’s Photography Pack

Volume 1- Birds of the City [Press Here]
Volume 3- Clouds [Press Here]
Volume 4- Natural World I [COMING SOON!]

License & Download

Photography by Josh N. (
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (

Download the resource pack here [1.19.x]

Royalty-Free Colour Photographs of Crysthanthemum

Please attach the license wherever you use these photographs. Simply copy and paste along with the image and credit with this;

Photography by Josh N. (
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (

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Chrysanthemum (2022)