Ignorance: The art of the uninformed in the Internet age.

I make this post only after seeing someone make a judgement about my post on a Twitter post. Then I checked the analytics- they had not visited the link. Only reading the headline is an act of lack of intellect.

How many of you judge an article only on its headline? Now let’s count how much of you will post a comment of the article only from the headline itself? What if the article was the opposite of the headline? You have just proven your ignorance and ignorance to learn.

This seems to be a common occurrence in the world of social media. With bite-size media and lower attention rates, people jump to conclusions without reason. Context has been lost and unfortunately, we seem to be entering an age of ignorance.

Now we can question- how many of people’s opinions come from only headlines? How much of it comes from actually reading articles? Perhaps we must fight back against ignorance and call them out with “faux” articles containing information opposite of the headline.

Age of ignorance, headed by social media.

I argue that we can call the Neo-information age, an age of “ignorance”. People claim they don’t have time to read the article but they browse social media for hours. It is simply an excuse for their laziness and lack of wanting to think for themselves. There’s also the idea that some bend the headlines to agree with their own viewpoints and opinions.

Not only does this backfire once one points them out but they often become defensive once called out. Therefore, I believe that the ignorants who use this tactic only want to strengthen their opinion. Perhaps it is the lack of focus or begs the question that intelligence is on the decline

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