Japan Egg (Rewriting Easter) (2022)

This is my response to the “Easter Eggs” idea and concept. I have taken and repurposed a box and applied red and black 3-dimensional decoupage to it.

I have taken this approach because I believe that Easter, in fact. It’s a scam! It’s a sham. What you buy an Easter egg is a lifeless ploy from consumerism to make you feel happy that you gifted something to someone.

How much effort does it take to gift something that you bought?


Easter is lifeless, just like Modern Christmas. Therefore, this COPY ART response is to repurpose this item into a gift with time and thought.

It is an Easter gift intended for my mother, who is Japanese. Red and black are colours I’ve commonly seen when I was in Japan as a child, so I wanted to make something that somewhat resembles Japan to her. This is turning a lifeless gift into a life gift. Unlike cash, its effort, hard work, and time is a currency that cannot be refunded.

Time is worth more than anything money can buy.

Do something else this year- decorate the box. Don’t give a lifeless gift- provide it with life; respond to the person. Turn it into a COPY ART piece! Craft something beautiful and give it to something! Crafts will be revived- it’s time to bring it back full force.

Easter needs to be reborn

As a concept; despite religion- Easter has changed. Easter was traditionally religious- now its religion is in a modern form. It worships consumerism. This art piece (and soon art collection) pursues a response that Easter also must be reborn. Therefore, being reborn as a Crafts movement- to show love and compassion. We can only gift gifts – if they are a personification of our love and time. If not- then what makes it a gift?