JUNCTION I is an artwork by Joshua Obara Norwood– it is an abstract work created with oil sticks (pigment sticks), encaustic wax and soy wax on a canvas.


Oil stick, encaustic and wax on canvas. 50cmx60cm

This painting symbolises our symbiosis between a fast-paced life and a hectic internal battle over anxiety.

The process behind it started when I was drunk. Using oil sticks, painting a scene, and then smudging everything together with a white stick. Then while still wet, I scraped the canvas with a tweezer. An unusual tool to use.

These marks were done while drunk; everything is spontaneous and acted out on the internal thoughts you have that come out when drunk.

Two days pass, and it’s dried. I mix soy wax with non-toxic dyes. Then heat it up, throw it at the canvas, and manipulate it.

The manipulation was fast to explore the idea and theme of a fast-paced modern life using junctions and trains. It relates entirely to our feelings when we’re anxious and drunk. Everything races around and feels terrible.

All unused wax that was melted; was repurposed into a jar which I would use as a candle to reduce waste.

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