Initiative to Strive

Initiative, it’s something a lot of people don’t really have. I write this as I find that students have it the least. There’s so many open calls and so many students just don’t have the will to apply to them. I believe that a lot of people need to get a kick up to start off their engine.

We all have it, we all have the power to do things we dream of. Inspiration is what you need and sometimes you don’t have it and that’s okay. Taking time to travel and to explore new areas give you that drive. For a student it can push you into new experiences. With new experiences I’ve found that you can get new confidence and that builds our initiative.

Initiative orange
Just like this orange we need to leave our old skin behind

To strive is different, you need something to move you to do it. Maybe your life isn’t going so well, then perhaps you should turn that from a bad thing to a good thing. Turn the concept of failure and negativity into something that strives. You can flip your life around if you can strike up there and get it by the neck. If you’re depressed it can be hard to get help, I know it I’ve been there. But if you do nothing then you’ll stay existentially depressed. Find what makes you happy and depressed and move away from depression. If someone or something made you depressed move away from it. Think of those things less and think of what you can do. The best idea is to get therapy.

Initiative – Growing it

We strive for rewards and usually we also try and get the lazy way out. Fight against the urge to be lazy, fight it with all you can. To succeed we can’t be lazy we can’t just laze down and expect the world to give us everything. It just doesn’t work like that. Try and keep busy but also sometimes take a break, make sure to keep your health mentally up and have work time as well.

Leisure time should be a reward for your work. I find that when I give myself leisure time for completing a task it gives me a boost during the work. I get to enjoy doing the work, I feel happy!

Here’s what I helped volunteer at during the time I could’ve lazed.

For art students use your initiative to keep going for open calls! There’s also other ideas you can go for like selling your stuff in a store. I found that just volunteering at institutions related to your dream can help you reach them. You have to do it with others, if you want to sell you need contacts. It’s hard to do things alone, yes it’s possible but it’s hard.

Think of just asking. Sometimes it’s all you need- yes we might feel anxious doing it but it’s just all it takes. The worst that can happen is a no. Nothing worse. Once you accept the no, you can move onto asking others and going onto plan B. We can’t get everything we want but we can try our hardest to do so!