A Visit to the Garstang Museum

garstang museum
It’s really looking at you! It’s surely dead? R.. right?
The photograph was taken by myself, the subject of the photograph is property of the Garstang Museum.

On Tuesday, I visited the Garstang Museum, its quiet and compact, which is a huge contrast to the World Museum, which is usually really busy and, in my opinion, hard to digest information due to the loudness. Therefore, the Garstang has definitely been a much more pleasant experience!

It contains artefacts excavated by John Garstang from 1902 to 1936, expeditions primarily funded by himself by which he sold artefacts after his returns to fund subsequent expeditions. Usually, expeditions during that time had a lot of colonialist influence. One of the museum workers told me that he had very little of that influence when they were looking to decolonize the museum. Though it’s probably that the mummy who was (supposedly) stuck in an office building for decades is now housed in the museum might disagree!

The items on display range from Greek, Etruscan/Roman, Sudanese, and Egyptian to the Middle East. I was pleased to see that Sudanese artefacts were on display due to the lack of public knowledge of their culture concerning Egyptian history. Most excitingly, a mummified Egyptian was most likely a royal family member due to its crossed arms. This mummy does not relate to the painted coffin box, which I was told by the museum worker. Though the coffin box is around a couple of millennia and still has most of its paint, it reminds me slightly of Mondriaan’s artwork- only a little bit, however, haha!

The rest of the collection contains Roman coinage, Greek pottery- a collection of burnt objects from an Egyptian tomb, a mummified cat inside a child sarcophagus and much more! I suggest anyone reading this should visit the gallery as it offers a lot of insight into the culture and civilizations that were once such mighty states. I say that it shows that any civilization can fall from glory and into a museum collection!


The Garstang Museum is located at 14 Abercromby Square, Liverpool L69 7WZ. You can view it on the map below!


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