Visual Angle (2022) is a black and white ballpoint pen on-paper drawing or sketch with the subject of an abstract work. You can purchase this work in print or buy the entire sketch.

VISUAL ANGLE (2022) by Joshua Obara Norwood

Inspired by my old attempts to recreate colouring books (though I have non published them!) I wanted to create a more detailed and filled-in version of one of them. Multiple patterns line the A5 sheet and spring their spirits out. The patterns give life and an abstract aesthetic to work.

White space fits the pattern “bubble” in the middle. Serving as a calm space. Letting the clustered region explode and be contained within itself. Thus juxtaposing itself.

I chose pen and paper as they were simply the only available tools. Sometimes you have to work with a minimum amount of tools which can bring a piece alive.

Unlike my other works, this one doesn’t have a standard interpretation. It is a world of its own and creates its own story with whoever views it. Though if it was hung in your room or a print on a wall, it could de-congest your space. This contrast may work in a larger room within the white space.