Climate Lab- The Last Day of the LAB!

This post explores the last day of the LOOK Climate Lab at the Open Eye Gallery!

The LOOK Climate Lab was an exhibition at the Open Eye Gallery that lasted from the 13th January to the 20th March. It was organised into 4 separate concepts, linked on their site. You can view my walk-around video of the gallery below.

A quiet tour of the Look Climate Lab.

I valued the exhibition while I volunteered at the gallery; makes you realize how our lifestyles harm those living in worse conditions. How can we complain about the effects of climate change if it does not starve us? We created it- and yet we don’t see the adverse effects as bad as those who never contributed. Small lifestyle changes can be used to help reverse the effects of climate change.

LOOK Climate Lab: Gallery 3
My favourite part of the exhibition. Copyright of the film previews is subject to their creators. If one wishes to take it down please email me.

My opinion on the “Energy” phase of the exhibition.

This section of the exhibition was rather eye-opening to see how much energy we waste. How simple would it be if we could all afford aerogel? Insulate our homes and lose less heat energy while using less energy. Countering this with the fact that- if our homes are insulated; in the summer how would we react with air conditioning. Air conditioning contributes to climate change as well.

More insulation may mean more air conditioning- as with the Earth getting hotter; I think that it might be a cycle. Though I do not have any qualifications or knowledge in science- so this is just an uninformed opinion and take it with a pinch of salt!

Funnily enough, the aerogel’s texture is powdery! You’d never really expect that with a gel.

LOOK Climate Lab – Food

I will admit; I did not pay much interest to the two in-between phases. Therefore, I can not comment on them. Though I believe that it had shared insight on how we can remit some effects of climate change if we start to grow our own produce.

The small exhibition at the end by Hellen Songa was very eye-opening and shows how much easier it is to start growing. It also shows the community feel to it, you can view her exhibition on Open Eye Stories as well.

The third gallery.

Going to the third gallery we saw a LOT of films playing- I didn’t really watch them, however. Problematically, in my opinion, there is no place to sit while watching the films so I didn’t want to spend hours watching a video standing up. It’s just not convenient or comfortable. A gallery I believe is supposed to be a comfortable space and not alienating of anyone. It can possibly be seen as an accessibility problem.

As much as I love the Open Eye and enjoy volunteering at it– there are inevitably going to be some problems I encounter.

Other than that, there were plants inside of the third gallery. For instance- I took one of the spiderweb plants home since they gave some of them away at the end. It’s actually quite nice to see plants inside of a gallery space- it makes it more down to earth!