Ordinary Trash, Unusual Beauty- A Project about Repurposing Objects!

Ordinary Trash, Unusual Beauty (2022) is a project on repurposing objects that would otherwise be trashed. This installation work continues on the ongoing theme of Josh’s work on climate change. Especially as a linking project to the Suffocation Clothes (2022-ongoing).

Paper is a recurring material in this project as it is easily recycled and costs nothing to recycle. We take glass jars, any object that would get thrown away and give it a new decorative life. Why can’t trash become beautiful objects to be admired? What makes trash, trash anyway? Can we re-use and re-use objects and when do they really die?

Ordinary Trash, Unusual Beauty- A Project about Repurposing Objects!
Bright and nice colours really can help! Despite being everyday objects, they can add to an environment!

Repurposing Objects

This project was mostly done to create a nice experience while I was staying at Albert Court. Though the idea was to propagate that we should be not wasting– especially as the cost of living crisis is spiralling out of control. Why should we buy something expensive to decorate our inner lives when we could simply make it ourselves. This project serves to answer that a bit of colour can really help your mood and well- save the planet! Some of the works have meaning to them, but mostly – I made these to help myself survive my first year on my own. It really worked; I’ve come to admire the simplest of creations. This wasn’t made for the market- it was made for me.

I simply sometimes believe that some art should be made for the sake of having something that makes you happy.

Status of the artwork

The status of the artworks has since been passed on to my family. I have gifted my parents the artworks and they are now under their care. Therefore any sale enquiries will be forwarded to members of my family if you want to purchase anything in the series.

They have started to use some of the artworks as containers. That said, it creates the question of whether art can have a purpose. Other than an idea- but an actual use and function.

That’s about it on this project, perhaps I’ll make it into a zine that you can buy with details on each work…