Epsom Salt Elixir Gardens Review

Elixir Gardens Epsom Salt has been quite good for me as I usually have used it to bathe in. I tend to ache quite a bit especially after moving out so it’s kinda helped with all the pains I’ve had. It’s also quite good for plants, in which I used a ratio of 1 litre water to a teaspoon of Epsom salt for my watering can. It has helped my spider web plant (which was kindly given away to me by the open eye gallery).

What I found interesting is that the salt isn’t as big as previous Epsom salts that I have bought prior to this one. It says on the page that these are better for the environment but I’ve not really seen any sources on the page or links to anything that proves that. So take it with a grain of salt really.

Epsom Salt: Is it really worth it?

Some may say it’s a placebo effect but personally I feel like it works for me. Healthline says it hasn’t been studied enough to show health claims so make sure to not take anything from the internet as true. The only way you can really find out if it works is if you try it yourself which I suggest since it feels great in a bath! If you’re looking to help your plants it could be worth a go since it helps increase magnesium in the soil. For bathing I usually just use one to two cups of the salt.