Moving Back To My Family- After Student Accommodation

Moving back felt terrible! I already feel homesick in my student accommodation. The independence, I had to make my own decisions. Also, the ability to cook what I want whenever I want. You know- 5 am peach pies were delicious!

Though moving back helps me get to a much healthier state being able to reconnect with my family. This leads me to think that we all need a balance. Independence yet also being able to connect with people. We all have this social battery and need to use it sometimes. Otherwise, it will make us feel quite lonely.

moving back- from Student Accommodation

If you’re busy meeting lots of new people in a new environment – you will miss it a lot. I would suggest going on hikes and visits to new places often. Going to having my own place for 8 months has inspired me a lot. It gave me new ideas- it’s like restarting. You’re learning to live independently, and sometimes it inspires you to try new things. I know that my experience is very different to other people’s but try it first before not doing it.

You might enjoy it, you might find someone, and you could make many new friends! I miss the friends part the most since it’s a bit more difficult to hang out being cities apart.

My parent’s neighbours are quite loud, and the accommodation was during university. Though you’re there when most people have moved back to their parent’s homes early, it’s quiet. It’s the quietness and solitude that can sometimes inspire you.

Money can be a problem since you’ve got to purchase your stuff and fix things when they break. When you’ve moved back, you don’t have to worry as much if you’re helping your parents out with rent. It won’t be as much as the accommodations. The student accommodation rent is a rip-off for a single room. That’s why I tried to use as much power as possible to ensure I got my money’s worth, crypto mining.

Moving back- the bottom line

Honestly, you learn a lot. It’s worth getting student accommodation- you mature a lot and learn to live on your own. You have to deal with people you don’t know so your social skills improve. Shared housing is always available if you don’t want to be with students.

Student Accommodation- First Year: How Is It?

Student accommodation is a really mixed bag experience so I will simply be listing my experience of the accommodation. In 2022, my first year as a student I stayed in Albert Court. Albert Court is the LJMU accommodation for the first years. To sum up; I believe that around 8 months is enough to explain a full detailed post on what it’s like. What it’s like at Albert Court.

Inside the Room on the first day

It’s cheap accommodation (in comparison to other options) so there’s not much great to expect. On the first arrival; I decided to unpack everything and then check if everything is clean. To my horror- the toilet was absolutely disgusting- whoever cleaned it can NOT clean it at all. Inside the rim of the toilet had faecal matter everywhere. It’s as if the person who was supposed to clean the toilet only cleaned the top of it. It really wouldn’t surprise me if this is how it looked the day that the last people left.

No matter how cheap your accommodation is- uncleaned toilets are just not a good look. Abhorrently disgusting, really. To get away from the toilet problem- there’s actually quite a lot of room in the accommodation. Especially after visiting one of my friends at the Grenville Street accommodation. The room is pretty much double the size of the average accommodation. There are enough room and storage spaces to put your stuff- there’s also a storage space if you remove the mattress. Most people didn’t realize that, but it’s best if you use that to put your important stuff.

The shower room- is incredulously small. Not much room for the shower and it feels as if it gets mouldy fast- so make sure to clean it often! Black mould is not good for your health!

Student Accommodation Maintenance

I mention that since on maintenance day in November-December the person looked through my stuff. I had left my laptop on and then realized when I came back to my room that the person had pressed on one of my chatrooms. Therefore, it really comes to me as if privacy isn’t an important thing here.

When it comes to self-maintenance the first thing you notice when you hoover is that the carpet is terrible. Dust, dirt etc. sticks to the carpet easily and its material feels rock hard. It takes a while for the vacuum to vacuum it up and it’s just really an annoying inconvenience. Whatever that stuff is- it’s definitely not carpet; not to me at least.

Before I end this section- we should explain the kitchen. The kitchen is big and spacious – a nice communal area for other flatmates. The only problem is that there were firebrats inside the kitchen when we moved in. It’s honestly disgusting. We didn’t mention it to the accommodation for fear of our deposits being taken away. Though in reality; it felt as if the insects were cleaner than three of my flatmates.

Flatmates! Good, or bad? Let’s see!

Well; it really depends on who you get. With students, the common relative occurrence would be that they’ll be gross and dirty. Most students don’t get taught by their parents to clean or cook. Some just have mental health issues, despite that, I find it gross that they can’t clean after themselves. Throughout the year there’s been nobody taking the bin out apart from me and one other guy. The others didn’t simply clean up, they expected it to “disappear”.

Student Accommodation Trash
This is not my neighbouring flatmate but another flatmate. He simply didn’t want to change the bin and take it out after I decided to leave it for a while tied up. I left it for a few days and the trash kept accumulating until he finally changed the bin. But it really shows how disgusting some people can get. It tends to be people who rely on their parents too much. Sadly, society has gone this way where people don’t get told by their parents to clean up.

My advice- just suck it up. It’s student accommodation; you should just expect it’s going to happen. I’m just posting the images of the last month in tenancy since there’s really no excuse for grossness after the exam period is over. The subject of this photograph is my neighbouring flatmate who screams, shouts and leaves a trail of trash with them… and also set off the smoke alarm while having a lit candle in her room. No window open, simple. Not to mention that it’s against the tenancy rules as well.

Of course, this is very much directed when the others have done things. But you really should just expect grossness if you move in. Advising the person reading this- if you move into accommodation; be clean. Just literally be clean and don’t be an insect.

Student Accommodation sink
This is what your flatmates will do to the sink if they’re dirty. My neighbouring flatmate simply only fries food and DUMPS the oil into the sink. Then doesn’t drain the water or oil afterwards and leaves it for the next person. It’s really gross.

Final Thoughts on Student Accommodation

I really can’t say it was the best experience of my life but it’s taught me to tolerate others. Being in accommodation away from your parents can help mature you. Even if you don’t accept what others do; you can tolerate it at least. What makes each accommodation different is really the amenities provided and quality of life. It’s fairly good- especially if you get better flatmates than me haha! Hopefully, anyone reading this who moves in gets people who can clean- but always make sure to be clean! It helps improve your mental health and studies as well!

If you’re looking to learn how to cook while studying; which saves money and is a fun way to spend time- check out our cooking page! It’s made to help students save money and well- learn a very important life skill! Ready-made food is just simply nasty for your health in the long run.