The Suffocation Clothes

Suffocation Tee, 2022 (Part of on-going “The Suffocation Clothes” art project by Joshua Obara Norwood)

What is plastic? What is climate change? How do these interact with each other, and which one encourages the other? Joshua Obara Norwood presents his ongoing project, “The Suffocation Clothes”- a collection of hand-sewn clothes from Tesco plastic bags with a photographic series that documents how different people see climate change from different perspectives.

It highlights the power of the internet and how it takes one person to make an idea global with the internet. The Suffocation Clothes is a concept that shows the plastic that suffocates the planet; as a commodity and clothing. Are we treating the earth as a commodity and not a home? Has consumerism gone too far? These are the questions that this collection wishes to pursue and engage different perspectives and viewpoints on.

It also surrounds how humans use the internet to suffocate each other’s opinions; we often see arguments happen on platforms- usually starting when one disagrees with another and throws in an insult. The idea is that we should stop suffocating the planet and one another to work together and share ways to save this dying planet. We can only survive on this planet if we remove the plastic that suffocates it.

This project is socially engaging and takes comments and opinions from people on climate change and how they view plastic and its problems. These comments will be written down on paper and hand-sewn onto clothing items to show how discussion and consciousness of this topic can help to rid this problem and how art can start a conversation. Whether you agree with this art collection or not, we still value your input, so make sure to send your opinions!