Activities in Liverpool: The Seagull Trail!

Need activities in Liverpool? No worries about that! There are many things to do and follow there! As long as you avoid areas that look shady and keep in a good tourist sense- you’ll be safe!

Activities in Liverpool- Go trailing with seagulls!

On this photographic project that I have undertaken in Liverpool- we will be following up with seagulls and following their trails. Where do they go and listen to them socialise- it reminds you of the sea! Seagulls are seen as pests by many people but the truth is that seagulls are only like this towards us because we have taken their food source. Thus this has driven them towards our cities and urban developments.

Activities in Liverpool - Seagull
Seagull looking down onto the tourists. Source: Joshua Obara Norwood Photography

Therefore, not only does going on a seagull trail recognise the impact humans have had on the climate and environment. It’s also a fun opportunity to explore the city through the lens of a seagull and explore parts you’ve never been to before! It’ll be an experience for a tourist who wants to experience a non-linear trail and the results are random!

There are many parts of the city centre which you can visit; for one of the trails- I had gone to Rupert Lane Recreational Ground. Though, personally, I must admit that the place wasn’t great at all when I visited. There was trash around the area and someone came up to me and started to sexually harass me. It turns out that it’s used as a cruising site for some men. So I would advise going to that area if you are going to Liverpool.

To advise the tourist- I would say you should go in the early hours to do a seagull trail. Think of it as a morning exercise but more fun and interesting! There are fewer people outside and traffic is quiet therefore you can follow the seagulls unhindered!

Seagull flying in Rupert Lane Recreational Ground.
Seagull seems to be having a good time flying!

The seagull trail can help you reconnect with nature as well- especially in a city when we are all disconnected with concrete blocks everywhere. Sometimes a bit of green in a grey space really adds something to our happiness and wellbeing.

My Seagull Trails in Liverpool!

Here is a list of seagull trails I’ve done in Liverpool and where they have landed me. Most of them are links to blog posts as a short form of them is not as interesting as the full story!

  • 19th March 2022: A Seagull Trail – A Photographic Journey. This journey was done by following seagulls out of my student accommodation towards the World Museum. If you’ve not visited the world museum- you should! It’s got some great spectacles and especially so if you are touring with your kids! Usually, at the time I had carried this seagull trail out it was really busy. I had left at around 14:02 so there were a lot of tourists and keeping track of seagulls was hard. I would recommend doing the trail in the early morning where there isn’t much traffic so you can enjoy it more!

West Bank (and a bit of Runcorn) (Extra Episode)

This segment is an extra episode for my “A Student’s View on Liverpool” podcast which you can watch here. The extra episode explores West Bank and a small number of its tourist attractions.

On Wednesday, I had visited my parents, though that’s definitely not going to be the highlight of this post! On this March day, there was a sight in the Silver Jubilee bridge while going across it (this is why it’s better to be a pedestrian, so you get to see these things!!).

Silver Jubilee Bridge and Runcorn Graffiti

Crows, lots of them, all nesting on top of the bridge! Using the pedestrian walkway, I was able to take a few photographs of them! However, the bridge itself is a remnant of the industrial period that the surrounding towns (Widnes and Runcorn) have in common, especially West Bank. West Bank used to be an area for the soap industry in the United Kingdom. The local museum, the Catalyst, has catalogued the history of this area in much more detail than I will explain. The museum, however, is more catered to children and as a child, I had visited it quite a lot, so I didn’t really want to go in there while visiting my parents.

In the area, there is a rather large amount of graffiti – especially in the West Bank Subway (though if you really want to view it- make sure to stomach the smell of urine and defecation haha!). On the subject of graffiti, a taxi driver had told me of a few iconic graffiti works in Runcorn- one he compared to Banksy’s work was the cow near Runcorn Station. Though, I still- have yet to view that area as I had to catch the train.

Spike Island, West Bank

Flock of birds coming to feed on duck feed.

Apart from graffiti the area also houses quite a nice park, Spike Island. The park is very forested and has a large canal- so duck feeding is common. Though I wouldn’t recommend visiting as there is currently an avian flu outbreak in the area. I personally think that the area is most beautiful in Spring and Winter when it is most quiet. The cold air adds a breadth of freshness to the region.

A historical note here is that Spike Island was the site for the Stone Roses concert in 1990. Subsequently, a movie named “Spike Island” covers this- though it scores low on Rotten tomatoes.

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